Florida and Virginia, both red on Mr. Burns' map, wound up going blue. The meme resurfaced as a post (archived here) published by "Weird Fact" on October 30, 2020. Note: if reading this fact check makes you want to contact us to complain about bias, please check out our Blue feed first. sr. burns: todo esta saliendo perfectamente. Les traigo amor-Vinilo decorativo -Medida XL: 55 x 80, “-¿Quién eres tú y qué haces aquí? Imagina ser tan retrasada para pensar que el hombre promedio es así, he esperado largos años por este momento, Asi que te vuelves arrastrandote ante el rey eh, Tigre tigre de gran poder en los bosques de Lumiere Podrías ser tú el Rey de la selva y no el león pero tú no eres el Rey aunque no entiendo porqué. sr.burns a homero: tiene que volver a cursar la universidad simpson, ah y una cosa mas, tiene que encontrar el mono de jade antes de la luna llena… smithers al sr. burns: ya encontramos el mono de jade señor. Of course, the irony is lost on Burns, who would see this as a totally rational response. In the classic episode "Homer at the Bat," the Springfield Power Plant's baseball team is having a winning season thanks to Homer. There have been some absolute legends on the show over the years and one of the coolest was the brief appearance by the Ramones. This malevolent man serves as overseer of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and is Homer Simpson's cruel boss. Since then she has collaborated with journalists in the USA, Canada and Australia and since December 2019 she works as a Social Media Authenticity Analyst at Lead Stories. The team's superstars are slowly taken out of commission for increasingly ridiculous reasons, but nothing beats Mattingly's exile from the team. Puedes ver la galeria de los memes de señor burns y pasar un gran momento de risas y diversion con los memes ya creados por nuestros usuarios, encuentra el ideal para compartir en WhatsApp o Facebook este 2018. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Meme Status Submission Year 2006 Origin Youtube Tags music, loco loco, fad, animalada, song, my little pony, tune, object shows About. You would think that someone who has treated people so badly for so long wouldn't be surprised by the fact that he's not well liked. How many slices of American cheese can you eat? He sees the rest of the world as pathetic for relying on things like love and relationships, when he believes those are just distractions. The joke never gets old as Smithers gives a usually demeaning explanation of Homer's purpose, like "He's one of your organ banks from Sector 7-G," to which Burns always replies, "Simpson, eh?" Funcionalidades extra de la app: meme generator, notificaciones instantáneas, descarga de archivos, logros y mucho más. He says "Excellent" in an evil tone while smiling and wiggling his fingers. Memes Sr Burns images and text to transmit social and cultural ideas to one another. Me llamo joa... digo... sr. burns - entra y divierte con este y otros memes de señor burns ¡ tenemos muchos memes para ti! This reputation as a cruel and heartless man is just something that's come naturally to Burns over the years. How did Mr. Burns do as far as predicting the Election results in 2012 between Romney and Obama? ya tienes 18 que edad tienes meme pedofilo conversacion he esperado largos años por este momento sr burns burns los simpsons memes tienes 18. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Será publicado si cumple con las reglas de contenido y nuestros moderadores lo aprueban. You can instantaneously Memes Sr Burns pictures to share on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The influential punk band appear as hired performers at Mr. Burns' birthday party. He is known for being very wealthy, greedy, and downright evil. 93% (1176) Whether he is the focus of the episode or just one of the many supporting characters, Burns always delivers laugh-out-loud moments. Los Simpson cumplen 25 años. Daniela Camus Pusilánime, ociosa, perezosa, insociable, huraña, ermitaña, vegana y melómana.Pathetically ineffectual and pusillanimous "pretend-friend-to-animals".面倒臭ぇ! >> last.fm. Spotted something? Afirmación: In the year 2000 The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump winning and got the electoral map right With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Mr Burns Excellent animated GIFs to your conversations.