[18] Donnie' hubris initially causes him to refuse to embrace the name Creed, instead using his mother's surname, Johnson. ", Ryan Coogler was inspired to make Creed from his experiences with his own father: "He used to play Rocky before I had football games to pump me up, and he would get really emotional watching the movies. After a knockdown in the 10th round, Donnie unleashes a furious rage on Viktor, knocking him down twice and prompting Ivan Drago to throw in the towel to protect his son. Donnie is reluctant due to his desire to forge his own legacy. However, Rocky gives Adonis special training that requires equal blows, which allows Adonis to compromise against Viktor's blows in the rematch. Before the match, Bianca comes to their hotel at Rocky's behest, and the two reconcile. The character is played by Michael B. Jordan, in the original movie as well as in the sequel Creed II (2018).. "[6] Jordan had a strict diet in preparation for the role:"I stripped down my diet completely. "), [Njegovom doušniku i sovjetskom Politbiru], "Я бьюсь за победу! [12] Donnie has been described as "arrogant",. Undaunted, Donnie moves out of his mother's residence and travels to Philadelphia in hopes of seeking out his father's best friend and former rival, Rocky (Sylvester Stallone). Upon witnessing this and seeing Viktor emotionally overwhelmed by Ludmilla's departure, Drago is horrified that Viktor will suffer Apollo's fate and is forced to concede defeat to Adonis by throwing in the towel to spare Viktor from further pain. IntelligenceMilitary and Olympic trainingBoxingMastery of strategy and tacticsAthleticismBrute strengthSteroid empowerment He was having trouble getting around, having trouble carrying stuff. "[28], "[INTERVIEW] CREED Director Ryan Coogler Talks the Vision Behind His Addition to the Rocky Empire", "How 'Creed' Redefines The Traditional Family Structure", "Could Creed's Boxing Story Line Actually Happen? Crimes Drago je trenirao pod vodstvom najboljih trenera u Sovjetskom Savezu. His wife Ludmilla Drago acted as his spokesperson during interviews and press conferences, which Drago's manager Nicolai Koloff also used to run down America and boast of Soviet superiority in propagandistic fashion. Donnie then meets up with Rocky, explaining that he is going to use the name Creed and fight against Conlan, but only if Rocky gets treatment for his illness. Drago was a boxing champion from Russia (part of the Soviet Union at the time) and a captain in the Soviet military, known to have superhuman strength that allowed him to rise himself into the ranks of Soviet boxing history. Ivan Drago (ruski: Иван Драго; tumači ga Dolph Lundgren), fiktivni amaterski je boksač i zlatni Olimpijac iz Sovjetskog Saveza sa snagom udarca preko 14 MPa. Ivan Drago:Justice Enforcer neslužbena je video igra izrađena u Flashu. Drago returns in the film, revealing that he and Ludmilla had a son named Viktor Drago and Ludmilla divorced him, leaving him to raise Viktor as a lethal boxer in the streets of Ukraine. A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Worum geht es in der Kultsingle "Wish You Were Here" von Pink Floyd? Having given up boxing, and believing Apollo wouldn't want his son to be a fighter, Rocky rejects his offer. During his fight with Tommy Gunn arranged by George Washington Duke, Rocky witnesses a vision of Drago killing Apollo as he believes he is about to suffer the same fate at Tommy's hands until he was inspired by a vision of his old trainer Mickey telling him to get up and finish the fight by defeating both Tommy and Duke. He also comes to terms that he has to fight Viktor again, and win. Many viewers and critics have suggested that Drago was meant to symbolize America's perception of Russia: immense, powerful, and emotionless. ("Ako umre, umrijet će."). "Ako umre, umrijet će"), [Rockyju], "I must break you." Allerdings nur im übertragenen Sinne und dennoch sollte sie die Grundfesten der deutschen Ideale aufs heftigste erschüttern. When Rocky comes to bail him out, Donnie is still upset, and tells off the former heavyweight champion, accusing him of getting Apollo killed in the ring. ("Izgubit ćeš"), [Tijekom govora], "I cannot be defeated" "I defeat all man." Nadjenuto mu je nekoliko nadimaka poput The Siberian Bull, The Siberian Express, te Death from Above, zbog Dragove superiorne visine u meču u kojemu je ubio Apolla Creeda. Movies [19] After Rocky is diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphona, it is Donnie who motivates him and teaches him to fight again: "Donnie is there to push [Rocky] the same way Rocky pushes him in the gym and in the ring. As a result, he is sent to solitary confinement. Aisha Harris of Slate stated, "I feared signing on to Creed might derail Coogler’s and Jordan’s careers. Using himself for Soviet propaganda in the US.Fighting for himself.Breaking his enemies. He is diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but refuses to undergo chemotherapy, remembering that it wasn't enough to save his wife, Adrian. Instead, this revitalizing crowd-pleaser solidifies my belief that these two have the potential to create really great art. The match takes place in Conlan's hometown of Liverpool, England, where Donnie is antagonized by Conlan who refers to him as a “false Creed” at the press conference. Although Drago does not physically appear in the film aside from stock footage, it is revealed that his blows left Rocky with brain damage (specifically diagnosed as cavum septi pellucidi (CSP)), causing him to mistake people, see visions and various other things. Meanwhile, World light heavyweight champion "Pretty" Ricky Conlan (Tony Bellew) is being forced into retirement due to an upcoming prison sentence and is gearing up for his final fight against Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler. While Drago was originally introduced as the pride of the Soviet Union and praised as a hero, Drago does not seem to care much for his country. However, Donnie's persistence eventually wins Rocky over. Short-tempered and impulsive, but good-natured, it is Donnie' tenacity that convinces Rocky to train him. Deciding that his relationship with Viktor is more important than his desire for revenge and glory and the fact that Viktor already defeated Adonis in the first match, Drago comforts a distraught Viktor by telling him that it's okay to lose and that he's still proud of him.