Must have PURSUIT (D, D+3) active during final hit.Spinal Tap: D, B, F+1Only in UNSTOPPABLE variation. Hold either 1, 2, 3, 4, U, D, B or F right after releasing U to get 8 additional facial expressions from the severed head. Hold B for Cyrax assist, F for Sektor assist, D for Smoke assist or U for Cyber Sub-Zero assist.Incoming: B, F+1 Only in SEKTOR variation. Opponent must be JUMP distance away.Kuatan Jungle: Statue Head BashMust use (INTERACT) the vine to the right of the statue mid-stage at least once during the match. Hold BLK+SWITCH STANCE before and during “Tremor Wins” announcement to make the rock head explode.It's Me Tremor: D, B+1Only in METALLIC variation. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. FatalitiesKiller Queen: D, D, B, F+3 (CLOSE) Deadly Hybrid: B, F, D, F+1 (MID)Stage Fatality: D, D, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesSlash And Bash: D, B, 3+BLKLittle Head: Throw Must hold F during final hit.Acid Burn: D, B+2 (AIR) Only in ACIDIC variation. Must hold 1 right after B, F+4. Must set HAT TRAP (D, F+2) or AWAY HAT TRAP (D, B+2). Works on opponents with projectile Brutalities. Must shoot 3 STRAIGHT MISSILES (B, F+1) during the match.HEAD'S UP: D, B+4 Only in CYRAX variation. [CONDITIONS UNKNOWN]. Special move can be enhanced.Secret Brutality: ThrowMust hold F during final hit. 4+BLK (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: F, D, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesOff The Top: B, F+3 Must hold F during final hit. Another fatality shows him telekinectically ripping an opponents head off and lifting it into the air. For BUZZ SAW variation hold 2 during the special move.Spin Cycle: D, F, 1+BLKOnly in TEMPEST variation. FROZEN AURA (D, B+3) must be active.Splitting Image: D, B+1Only in GRANDMASTER variation. Must hold F during final hit. Must connect 3 GROUND POUNDS (D, D+4) during the match. Must hit the opponent in the head.Burnt Out: D, B+1Only in BOJUTSU variation. Special move can be enhanced.Spear On The Head: B, F+1 Only in SMOKE variation. Mortal Kombat X Fatalities and Brutalities for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Must be JUMP distance away from the opponent. Must be SWEEP distance away. ". Opponent must be JUMP distance away.Outworld Marketplace: Blanche (= Old Lady) ThrowMust use 1 stage interactable during the match. Hold D+BLK during Brutality to turn away after Brutality.Secret Brutality: ThrowOnly in SLASHER variation. Special move can be enhanced.Little Devil: D, B+4Only in INFERNO variation. Special move can be enhanced.Secret Brutality 1: X-RayMust hold D during the move. Special move can be enhanced.Biggest Fan: D, B, 2+BLKMust use 3 RISING FANS (D, B+2) during the match.Back That Up: D, B+3 (AIR)Only in ROYAL STORM variation. Must hold 2 during final hit.Touch Of Death: D, B+1Only in SORCERER variation. Hold D+3 right after B, F+2 to throw a rock without paint. PC PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360. Must be at least SWEEP distance away from opponent. Hold U during final throw.Just the Tip: D, B, 1+BLKOnly in CUTTHROAT variation.Glaring Light: D, B+3, BLKOnly in CYBERNETIC variation. Must be SWEEP distance away from opponent. FatalitiesHead Case: D, F, D, B+3 (CLOSE)Knife To Meet You: D, D, F+1 (FAR)Stage Fatality: U, U, B+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesBallin': B, F+3, BLK (AIR)Opponent must be blocking and die from chip damage.Terminate: ThrowMust do 3 throws during the match. Opponent must be blocking during the final hit.Blood Shower: ThrowOnly in WARLOCK variation.Puggles' Wrath: D, F+3Only in SUMMONER variation. Theme by HB-Themes. Has to be resurrected in the final round. Mortal Kombat X – Fatalities and Brutalities List for PS4 & PS3, Mortal Kombat X – Unlockable Alternate Costumes, Super Smash Bros. FatalitiesTele-Copter: B, F, B, B (FAR)My Puppet: F, D, B, U (MID)Stage Fatality: D, F, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesUsed Up: Throw Must hold D during final hit.Brutal Kick: 2, 2, 4Leg Up: B, F+3Only in BALANCED variation. FatalitiesBooze You Lose: D, D, B, F+1 (CLOSE) Bottoms Up: B, F, D+2 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: B, F, B, F+2 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesFat Iron: Throw Must hold D during final hit.Tubs Of Fun: B, F+4 Must do 3 BELLY BASHES or FLYING KICKS (B, F+4) during the match. Must do a 5 hit kombo ending with the special move.Wham Bam: D, F, B+4 Only in COMMANDO variation. Mortal Kombat X Guide and Tips - All Fatalities, Unlock the Krypt, Character Combos. Must reflect a move with BOUNCE BACK (D, B+4). Must hold U during special move. Must use 5 FADE AWAYS (F, B+2) during the match.Early Lunch: B+1, 2, Throw, U, U+2Only in RAVENOUS variation. Must perform BLADE DROP (D, B+1). Must hold F during the special move. Must be JUMP distance away from opponent.Watch This: D+2, 4 (AIR)Only in DRAGON NAGINATA variation. FatalitiesInner Workings: D, U, B (MID)Head Out: F, D, D, U (MID)Stage Fatality: D, U, D, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesNether Force: D, B, 4+BLK (Air)Must do 10 special attacks during the match.We Win: D, B+1Must perform a 5 hit kombo that ends with the special move.Gluttony: D, B, 1+BLKOnly in MYSTIC variation.Soul Eater: B, F+1Only in MASTER OF SOULS variation. Special move can be enhanced. Mortal Kombat X – Fatality List Xbox One . FatalitiesStone Tomb: D, B, F, B+3 (MID)Stalag-Might: D, F, B, F+1 (MID)Stage Fatality: D, D, D, 4 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesBlood Rock: X-RayMust hold D during final hit.Rumble Trouble: D, D, 4+BLKMust connect all 3 hits of the special move.Rock Head: B, F+2Only in AFTERSHOCK variation. Must press 1 or 2 15 times during final hit. Must hold F during the final hit.Fly Swatter: D+Throw, B (AIR)Must do a 4 hit combo that ends with BACKWARD AIR THROW (D+Throw, B).Incubate: ThrowOnly in BROOD MOTHER variation. Special move can be enhanced.Skinned Alive: D, B+4Only in HUNTER variation. Special move can be enhanced.Boot To Head: F+3 Must have over 50% health left.Garro-That: D, B, 1+BLK, 1 or 3Only in COVERT OPS variation. Sacrifice yourself with F, D, B+4 to end the round.Totem This: D+2Only in BLOOD GOD variation. Special move can be enhanced.Lost Girl: D, B+3Only in ASSASSIN variation. Final hit must come from GARROTE PUNISH (D, B, 1+BLK, 1 or 3).Time Bomb: 1, 1, 2 Only in DEMOLITION variation.Kamikaze: D, D+1, 3+BLKOnly in SPECIAL FORCES variation. FatalitiesBug Me: B, F, B+3 (MID)Heart Broken: F, B, F+2 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: F, F+BLK (CLOSE)BrutalitiesMigraine: D, B+4Must have over 50% health remaining. Special move can be enhanced.Krystal Khaos: D, F+3, F+INTERACTOnly in CRYSTALLINE variation. Final hit must be from OVOMORPH (D, B+1) or FACEHUGGER after OVOMORPH (D, B+1). Hold BLK+SWITCH STANCE during the Brutality to explode your opponent's head with a missile.